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Teamwork And Communication Of The Healthcare Field Essay

Teamwork and communication are very important in providing good quality care, especially in the healthcare field. A team is described as a group of people that works together and cooperatively, between each member of the group to reach a common goal (Sullivan, 2013). For a team to function, communication is essential. A report by McKay and Crippen (2008), as stated by Alfaro-LeFevre, (2013) showed that when collaboration is in place, hospitals can decrease their mortality rate by 41%. When mortality rate is lower, hospitals does not only decreased cost, but it also means that patients are receiving good quality care. In the hospital, a team includes a CEO, managers, supervisors, charge nurses, medical doctors, nurses, nursing assistants, social workers and maintenance crews; it can also include many other members. In addition, a well-functioning team is led by a good leader; a leader does not necessary mean the CEO, but someone who is driven, knowledgeable, and a good communicator. Charge nurse and nurses are normally the one that handles the care of patients in the hospital. Both charge nurses and nurses can be considered leaders. It is why, it is very crucial that nurses are good communicators. One would say that nurses are the spoke person of a hospital to its patients. The nurses care for their patient closely, they communicate with the doctors regarding the care of the patient; they communicate with the pharmacies, nursing assistant, colleagues, and many more. ThoseShow MoreRelatedIntroduction.The Football Is Thrown; It Is In The Air,902 Words   |  4 Pagesother player? Football is a teamwork sport. One person does not win championships, the team working together as one does. Healthcare is no different. Today’s world of healthcare relies on nurses, doctors, pharmacist, and the whole healthcare system to work together to form a common goal; the goal of making our society healthier. Through collaboration, we can succeed in that goal. Collective Competence Collective competence is essential in the ever-changing world of healthcare. Per Lingard (2014), collectiveRead MoreEvaluation Of The Joint Commission On The Accreditation Of Hospitals1324 Words   |  6 PagesQSEN Essay Paper Teamwork and Collaboration Natalie M. Alvarez Intro to Prof. Nursing NUR3160 Professor Newman November 26, 2014 â€Æ' Introduction According to the Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Hospitals (JCAHO) in July 2004 released a Sentinel Event Alert on the prevention of infant deaths. Its database showed that nearly three-quarters of hospitals cited communication break down and teamwork problems as a major reason for these deaths. The practice of teamwork and collaborationRead MoreImproving The Health And Wellbeing Of An Individual1425 Words   |  6 Pagesthe HCP to improve the health and wellbeing of individuals Introduction In the field of healthcare, effective communication and teamwork can have direct ramification on patient morbidity and mortality as well as the health and wellbeing of healthcare professionals (Royal College of Nursing Policy statement, 2006). This paper will discuss exactly how both communication and teamwork in healthcare between healthcare professionals and patients can improve the health and wellbeing of an individual,Read MoreApplication Of Concept Analysis For Clinical Practice1149 Words   |  5 PagesAvant’s method used in the concept analysis of concept of teamwork. Teamwork is the most important factor to deliver the most effective care to patients all over the world. The importance of teamwork emphasized in different documents (Xyrichis Ream, 2008). Moreover, a recent IOM publication warns that reduced teamwork amongst healthcare professionals delays the provision of appropriate and safe patient care (IOM 2000). Poor communication can cause health care errors and medication errors. This analysisRead MoreTeamwork in Health Care1085 Words   |  5 PagesThe Importance of Teamwork in Health Care The Importance of Teamwork in Health Care From an early age we are instilled the importance of teamwork. The lessons may come from a soccer field, a classroom group project, or even a song on Sesame Street. Regardless of our future careers, we are all likely to experience some sort of teamwork requirement, even if it is as simple as getting along with your co-workers. Teams working in a hospital or other healthcare setting may consist of severalRead MoreConcept Analysis : Walker And Avant1031 Words   |  5 PagesAvant’s method used in the concept analysis of concept of teamwork. Teamwork is the most important factor to deliver the most effective care to patients all over the world. The importance of teamwork emphasized in different documents (Xyrichis Ream, 2008). Moreover, a recent IOM publication warns that reduced teamwork amongst healthcare professionals delays the provision of appropriate and safe patient care (IOM 2000). Poor communication can cause health care errors and medication errors. This analysisRead MoreReflecting On The On Myself1320 Words   |  6 PagesReflecting On Myself For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to work in healthcare. From wanting to work with babies, to now wanting to work with geriatrics, I knew this field was meant for me. My junior year of high school was when I decided I no longer wanted to be a pediatrician because I did not want to go to school for ten plus years after I graduated high school. Also, my junior year was when I took Health Careers, which was a C4 class offered at my high school. I was able to receiveRead MoreThe Importance Of A Successful Leadership For An Organization1748 Words   |  7 Pagesthat is communication and teamwork. These activities seem so menial but even the most educated or experienced could lack the ability to use these correctly. In any field of work, lack of communication could be detrimental to the success you are striving for. For healthcare, you have to think about the patient as well. Lack of communicating from provider to patient or between the multidisciplinary team could brin g harm the patients well being. As was stated in our literature â€Å" [communication] is aRead MoreA Research on Team and Group Communication Processes1168 Words   |  5 PagesTeam and Group Communication Processes: The systematic description on the nature of the processes of communication in several areas including businesses and organizations is known as communication theory. Organizations and businesses are required to understand the concept of communication theory because the achievement of organizational and business goals is dependent on effective communication. Communication theory focuses on examining the process of transmitting information from the sender toRead MoreWork Environment And Performance As A Team1164 Words   |  5 Pagesframework that will increase the ability for employees to participate in problem-solving, planning and decision-making. John C. Maxwell is the author of the book Teamwork Makes the Dream Work. He is known as one of America s experts on leadership. He is also the founder of John Maxwell Team Online University. He stated that â€Å"Teamwork makes the dream work, but a vision becomes a nightmare when the leader has a big dream and a bad team† (Trans formational Leadership Strategist, 2015). A team can

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Essay on Portrayal of Black Women in Media - 1635 Words

The Portrayal of African-American Women in Media The stereotypical misrepresentations of African-American women and men in popular culture have influenced societal views of Blacks for centuries. The typical stereotypes about Black women range from the smiling, a sexual and often obese Mammy to the promiscuous Jezebel who lures men with her sexual charms. However, the loud, smart mouthed, neck-rolling Black welfare mother is the popular image on reality television. These images portrayed in media and popular culture create powerful ideology about race and gender, which affects daily experiences of Black women in America. With few healthy relationships portrayed in the media, Black women are left to make decisions based on the options†¦show more content†¦Also using view points from certain critics and prominent figures in the media world. According to journalist Tionna Smalls, she exclaimed in her article entitled â€Å"Dark Skinned Vs. Light Skinned: The Black Mans Dilemma†, the slave owners would divide the slaves up by dark nigger and light nigger. The dark skinned slave would work on the plantation doing chores, picking cotton and nurturing the land. The light skinned slave would live in the plantation, cooking and taking care of the field masters children. Also the light skin female was admired by the master and even a sexual desire while the darker slave was treated like trash. Tionna goes on stating that after slavery the light skin female was put on a pedal stool in the family because being white was viewed as being right or pure, anything close to that was close to purity. If you take a look at most Hollywood movies, a good majority of the actresses are fair skinnend. One of the first African American female actress was Nina Mae McKinney whom as been inducted into the Black Filmmakers Hall of Fam e. Since she was black she was only offered low budget films and looked at as the standard barer for future lead roles when using black women. Fredi Washington was a light skin, light eye female and was described as being too beautiful to play a maid but wasn’nt offered romantic leads. Her skin was so pale that someShow MoreRelatedStereotypes And Stereotypes Of African Americans Essay1468 Words   |  6 PagesAfrican Americans have been represented in the media with harmful stereotypes which were founded in the slavery era (Cartier, 2014)(Carpenter, 2012). This negative representation invites bias from those who accept the images, the distortion of which is accentuated by both sexism and racism. Black women are the least represented group in cinema, making it easier to rely on stereotypes which encourage societal bias. From these stereotypes, like the Jezebel and Sapphire, stem the â€Å"real world† stereotypesRead MoreRacial Segregation And Popular Culture1676 Wor ds   |  7 Pages The unreliable generalizations and disturbing portrayals of members in a racial group contribute to the justification of unequal treatment in various systems that impact people in the society negatively. Racial biases exist unconsciously in our attitudes. This leads to actions that are negatively interpreted in our cultures and diffuse in the media, which in turn, form prejudice and discrimination that structure systems to target minority groups. The two most frequent racial stereotypes in culturalRead MoreAnalysis Of The Movie Orange Is The New Black1423 Words   |  6 PagesThe Netflix original series, Orange Is the New Black takes a â€Å"consumerist approach to sexuality,† by repetitively featuring sexual relations among inmates as a way to attract viewers. (Schwan) Orange Is the New Black neglects to explore emotional attachment beyond a need to fulfill sexual needs and minimize loneliness while in prison. Bisexual female characters, if given the opportunity, often leave their female partner for a relationship with a male, downgrading the realism of an actual bisexualRead MoreThe General Public s View Of African American Athletes Essay1184 Words   |  5 Pagesthem, and what have they heard about them in the media. After collecting this data, and gathering my conclusion from it, I would like to go back and do another survey. I would go to classrooms of students and show them positive media and tell them the good things that African American athletes have done. I would give them the same survey asking how the feel about these athletes, why they feel this way, and what they have heard about them in the media. To further explore this belief future researchRead MoreThe Stereotypes Of African American Females Essay1575 Words   |  7 Pagesand by our parents. Whether they are positive or negative, African American females have to deal with these on a daily basis. Stereotypes often influence the way people view themselves and the way others view them. These are represented in American media, such as commercials and other advertisements. Reflection on Experience After watching one hundred commercials, I found that African American females are represented in 23% of the advertisements, which is a low frequency. According to the UnitedRead MoreMedia Portrayal Of Beauty1140 Words   |  5 PagesMedia’s Portrayal of Beauty Some people occasionally feel that their own appearance is unacceptable to society because of what others are expecting based on published media. Those include, social media, published articles, and even movies and TV shows. The media’s portrayal of beauty has had a generational effect on american society with young people falling victim to unrealistic standards. Failing to participate in these ideals can lead to non acceptance, ostracization, and even bullying due toRead MoreGendered Medi The Influence Of Media On Views Of Gender, By Julia T. Wood1405 Words   |  6 Pagesâ€Å"Gendered media: The influence of media on views of Gender,† Julia T. Wood (1994) stated that â€Å"women are underrepresented which falsely implies that men are the cultural standard and women are unimportant or invisible† (p.31). She goes on to say that this is the main reason why media distort reality; it creates a false image of the representation that is outside the media world. In Television women continue to be predominantly lacking and many people are wondering who is to blame. As the media worldRead MoreMedia And Ethnic Identity Influencing Self Image1233 Words   |  5 PagesMass media plays a very huge role in the way in which young black women and adolescents see themselves. The articles within this paper gives into not only how Black women under the age of 40 are affected by mass media, stereotypes perpetrated on how others see and treat young black women, and also how black women look at themselves. This research paper examines the ethnic media and the ethnic identity determining self-image than mainstream media does for young black women. Its seeks ways in whichRead MoreHow Gender Portrayals Changed and Remained in the Same in the 1950s1637 Words   |  7 PagesHow Gender Portrayals Changed and Remained in Place in the 1950s Gender Portrayals. The 1950s. Change. You might wonder what these words mean, today, here, you will learn about gender portrayals in the 1950s. Gender portrayals are how a gender, such as the only two, Male and Female, are portrayed in media and social life. Now, in the 1950s bread was .14 cents, bomb shelter plans were sold, Dwight D. Eisenhower was president and people were afraid of communists invading america and making us intoRead MoreSocial Psychologists And The Human Information Processing System1632 Words   |  7 PagesIn addition, for two of the interviews, a feminist deconstructionist methodology was employed to pursue the underlying gender conceptions of each informant. Informants were asked whether they could imagine the women in the ads as men, or vice versa, in order to uncover traits and values so habitually defined as masculine or feminine that they are unimaginable in the other sex. (Stem, 1993) Social psychologists have argued that schema, networks of memory-based associations that organize and guide

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Psychosis, Paranoia And Schizophrenia Spectrum Disorder Essay

The world is being affected by the psychological disorder Schizophrenia every day. The disease itself can be traced back to the second millennium before Christ. Schizophrenia can be diagnosis using Dr. Eugen Bleuler â€Å"positive† and â€Å"negative† symptoms. Schizophrenia is â€Å" a psychotic disorder characterized by loss of contact with the environment, by noticeable deterioration in the level of functioning in everyday life, and by disintegration of personality expressed as disorder of feeling, thought (as delusion), perception (as hallucinations) and behavior (demetia praecox) or contradictory or antagonistic qualities or attitudes (Merrium Webster). There are several types of this disease however, I will only discuss three: Psychosis, Paranoia and Schizophrenia-Spectrum Disorder. Over the years of study on how to treat Schizophrenia there are known first and second generation anti-psychotics and therapies available. Schizophrenia is an important problem in the world and many people need help. Schizophrenia is a mind/bind psychological disorder that affects 1% of the world population during their lifetime (Okami 652). In 1887 a German physician, Dr. Emile Kraepelin was the first to compare the different symptoms by looking at the biological and genetic malfunction to identify the chief origin of the disease which he called â€Å"Dementia praecox†. The term dementia praecox was relabeled to be called Schizophrenia by a Swiss psychiatrist, Dr. Eugen Bleuler in 1907. So theShow MoreRelatedA Comparison Between Schizophrenia And Bipolar Spectrum Disorder1518 Words   |  7 PagesAbstract A comparison between schizophrenia and bipolar spectrum disorder focusing on history, etiology, treatment, and symptoms of each disease will introduce the concept of the Continuum Disease Model (CDM) as a basis for further debate and discussion on the controversial designation of schizoaffective disorder (bipolar type/depressive type). The concept of a possible connection between distinct disorders is strongly disputed between many experts due to presence of manic or hypomanic episodes asRead MoreChildhood Onset Schizophrenia And Its Effects1376 Words   |  6 Pagesdevastating, and incurable mental disorders is one that is plagued by severely abnormal functions, disturbed behaviors and the likelihood to seriously diminish nearly all functionality of life—this disorder is known as schizophrenia. While extremely rare, schizophrenia can develop in childhood, sometimes as young as two to four years. This is referred to as childhood-onset schizophrenia (COS). â€Å"Childhood-ons et schizophrenia is a severe form of psychotic disorder that occurs at age 12 years or youngerRead MoreBook Assignment : The Brain On Fire2030 Words   |  9 PagesAssignment: The Brain On Fire Melissa Ames University of colorado at Boulder Case Study Susannah Cahalan, a 24 year old, healthy and successful journalist for the New York post, experienced an acute onset of psychosis. Symptoms ranged from paranoia to seizures, which eventually led to a catatonic state. The onset of the female’s symptoms occurred when she became paranoid of a bed bug infestation in her home, yet after having her home exterminated there was no indication of bedbugsRead MoreChildren s Neurological Development Of Schizophrenia2187 Words   |  9 Pagesneurological development of schizophrenia including family history, genetics, environment and culture to determine the major biomedical aspects of the etiology of schizophrenia in young to middle adulthood. The study addresses the debilitating positive and negative symptoms of schizophrenics plus presenting problems, such as living life according to unacceptable social norms, and caring for one’s basic needs, while including assessment tools and diagnostic scales of childhood schizophrenia in J ack accordingRead MoreSchizophrenia And Its Effects On Mental Disorders Essay2037 Words   |  9 PagesSchizophrenia is characterized as a chronic mental disorder that affects a person’s thoughts, emotions, and behavior (Bartol and Bartol, 2014). Individuals with schizophrenia experience positive psychotic symptoms that consist of hallucinations or delusions. Negative symptoms may also arise such as a diminished emotional expression known as flat affect, as well as poor attention and speech production (Bartol and Bartol, 2014). These symptoms are further categorized into five subtypes that includeRead MoreSchizophrenia And Its Effects On Society1819 Words   |  8 PagesSchizophrenia is a severe brain disorder in which it is hard to distinguish the difference between what is real and what is not. Schizophrenia has been found throughout recorded history but was not considered a worthy medical condition until the eighteenth century. It is also considered today a leading publi c health problem that has enormous personal and economic costs worldwide. Schizophrenia involves a disturbance of thought, perception, emotion, movement, and behavior. The symptoms vary acrossRead MoreThe Issue Of Child Onset Schizophrenia Essay1612 Words   |  7 Pages SOWK 506- Fall 2015 Assignment #3: Child Onset Schizophrenia Becki Kennedy and Mary Marrone USC School of Social Work December 11, 2015 Martha Lyon-Levine Introduction This research paper focuses on the issue of child onset schizophrenia, specifically looking at the prognosis, symptoms, stigma, and most effective treatment options for children. This topic has become a significant social issue as a result of the recent mass school shootings throughout the nationRead MoreThe Major Psychological Disorders Covered3588 Words   |  15 Pagesat summarizing one of the major psychological disorders covered in the course this semester - Thought disorder. It ‘s most commonly manifest in language (e.g. speech or writing) that is difficult to make sense of, Some people think that thought disorder is a specific problem of language and others think that it is a more general problem in semantics (meaning) that also leads to problems in making sense of non-verbal events around us. Thought disorders are conditions that affect the way a person thinksRead MoreUnderstanding Schizophreni How Do You Know?1916 Words   |  8 PagesUnderstanding Schizop hrenia 3 Understanding Schizophrenia Schizophrenia is a disorder of varying symptoms, in fact until the current edition of the DSM-V this disorder was broken into subtypes such as catatonic, disorganized, paranoid, undifferentiated, and residual. There many facets of schizophrenia such as auditory hallucinations, delusions, social isolation, as well as intense suspicion or agitation, each of which contributed to the previous subtypes of schizophrenia. Today, individuals withRead MoreThe National Alliance On Mental Illness2089 Words   |  9 Pagesillness is. According to the Mayo Clinic they define mental illness as, â€Å"A wide range of mental conditions – disorders that affect your mood, thinking and behavior.† There are four major categorizes of mental illness. They are as followed, cognitive disturbance, mood disorders, psychosis, and anxiety (Mayo Clinic). The first category of mental illness is cognitive disturbance. This disorder usually develops overtime with the deterioration of the brain, or if brain trauma has occurred. Therefore, large

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World Has Become Much Conscious Advanced †Myassignmenthelp.Com

Question: Discuss About The World Has Become Much Conscious And Advanced? Answer: Introduction The current business world has become much conscious and advanced. The global managers tend to identity the most innovative way for securing the competitive edge. The changing demands of the customers have made the competition more challenging for the multiplex managers. It is thus essential to select the preferable strategies that can be beneficial in strengthening the competitive ground for the ground. However, it is also necessary to identify the potential challenges and opportunities for the business progress. The study would discuss the business expansion process undertaken by Ford, the renowned automobile company in Australia (, 2017). The managers of Ford have decided to expand the business entity in Ho Chi Ming City, Vietnam for extending the competitive ground. The study would discuss the potential business challenges and opportunities faced by the managers for establishing the business in this city. The analysis of PEST factors would be relevant to identify the e xternal market influence on the company. Discussion The current business scenario is much influenced by the advanced technicalities. The emerging trends in the business industry are imposing challenges since the customers demands have been changing drastically. The multiplex managers need to identify the suitable location that can connect the tenders as per the business requirements (Gregory, 2015). Vietnam is a highly potential target market for the foreign business companies. Ford, being one of the leading companies in the automobile market in Australia, requires expanding the business in a potential business market. The growing economy of Vietnam is quite favourable for establishing the business by the managers of Ford. Currently, it has been observed that the managers of such multiplex businesses have been looking forward to establish the business in a place where the managers would be able to avail the significant opportunities. However, along with the potential opportunities, it is even essential to consider the recognizable cha llenges. The political factor has the considerable influence on the business functions. Vietnam is generally controlled under the communist party. However, the in-depth analysis of the current government rules highlights that the control of communist party over Vietnam is much limited (Chua, 2013). It is notable that the country has the receptive attitude towards developing the trade relationships with the international companies. The development of the trade relations is somewhat contradictory to the communist ethos. Nevertheless, the government is much concerned about developing the investment climate and business infrastructure in the country. On January 2007, Vietnam captured 150th position as the member of the World Trade Organisation. The stable political structure is quite favourable for the managers to establish the business in a peaceful way. In fact, the foreign companies are given benefitted by the government of Vietnam that is quite opportune for the business managers. It can be assumed that in current time, Vietnam has not faced any threat related to the po litical power. The President is the head of the State and he does not possess any administrative power. It is notable that the President possesses the nominal role of the commander of the armed forces. The President is also the chairperson of the Council on National Defense and Security (Mundial, 2013). The managers of Ford may even face some of the potential political challenges in Ho Chi Ming City, Vietnam. It is essential for the company to understand that in spite of these beneficial opportunities, the political limitations are also much significant in the country. There is the limitation in freedom of speech (Ryan, 2015). It is notable that the country includes a larger number of the police and military personnel. It is suggested that these militaries and police are appointed for reducing the local political issues. However, the political inferences are sometimes unfavourable for the business expansion aspects. It is needless to mention that the Vietnam has been experiencing the developing economy since last few decades. The rising economic structure is quite beneficial for the foreign investors. Vietnam has captured the 3rd position after China and India in average annual GDP growth since the beginning of this century. The income for per capita rose from almost $220 in the yea r of 1994 to $1,052 in the year of 2009 Vuong, Q. H., (Napier Tran, 2013). However, it is also noted that the impact of the global recession created hindrance in increasing the economy of Vietnam. The countrys economy is generally export-oriented. The government has recently upgraded the GDP rate and it has reached up to 6.7%. The exports business of Vietnam makes up almost 90% of the total GDP rate. In the year of 2006, the country recorded in the in inflation of 7.5% that went up to almost 8.1% in the year of 2000 (Benjamin, Brandt McCaig, 2017). On the other hand, during 2008, the consumer price inflation reached up to 23.1% and it happened due to the sudden increase in the food products. It is important to mention that the country welcomes the foreign investors and provides them the significant opportunity to establish the business in the emerging market. While expanding the business in Vietnam, the managers of Ford need to consider some of the economy related concerns. It is necessary to consider the weak currency, low disposal income, and high inflation rate in the country. In spite of the numerous opportunities provided to the foreign investors, these specific concerns are needed to be taken into considerations. These factors create the recognizable impact on the business investments. The development of the trade relations is somewhat contradictory to the communist ethos (Dang Pheng, 2015). Nevertheless, the government is much concerned about developing the investment climate and business infrastructure in the country. In addition to this, it is quite positive aspect for the managers of Ford that the priority focus of Vietnam towards the foreign investors is highly encouraging. The business has the significant scope to expand and establish the business in the city. The entire population of Vietnam is around 89.2 million. Almost 26% of the entire population belongs to the age group of 14. It is observed that almost 28% of the entire population is from the urbanized areas (Dung, 2016). The life expectancy of the Vietnamese is 71.94 years. The traditional culture influences the population by teaching Confucianism. Family is highly prioritized in the social life of Vietnam (Gillespie, 2013). It is notable that the persuasion of the western cultures and influence of the globalizations as well as the consumerisms are impacting on the youth population. The consumer demands and prices of the material goods are increasing drastically. Moreover, the increase in the leisure activities and local travel is also foreseen in the society life of Vietnam. Vietnamese is considered as the major language for the people living there whereas English is preferred as the second language (McCaig Pavcnik, 2014). The culture of the football league is quite demanding amo ng the people in Vietnam. During the marketing process, the managers of Ford can avail this opportunity and promote their business by sponsoring in these football leagues. One of the positive aspects of the social life of Vietnam is the demand of Education. Education is the most important factors for the Vietnamese. It is suggested that the educational attainment contributes in developing the social status. In spite of being a poor country, Vietnam recorded the remarkable achievements in the educational field (Hai Watanabe, 2014). The managers of Ford need to consider the social and cultural dynamics of the country prior to expand the business. The people in Vietnam consider the importance of family life. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain the work life balance since Vietnamese do not like to disrupt their family life. They prefer to maintain the business etiquette, which should be made through the local representative that acts as the translator or interpreter. Vietnam signifies considerable progress in the technological development as well. It is estimated that almost 2.0% of the Vietnamese household have the computers with the availability of the broadband facilities (Khorana, Mishra Kerr, 2014). This situation is quite better than the situation that was previously there back in 2005. It is notable that the rapid uptake is determined as a partial consequence of the low prices of the connections. The Ministry of Information and Communication reported that in the year of 2009, there was around 22.8 million internet users were available in the country (Kontgis et al., 2014). However, with time, the country has been achieved the seventh largest internet using country in the world. Therefore, it can be presumed that the managers of Ford have the significant opportunity to promote the business through the online media. The online business services would be much preferable and demanding to these upgraded citizens. The increasing consumer intere sts in technologies and technical gadgets can be beneficial for the company to introduce the technically improved cars and automobile features. In last 5 years, the IT software and hardware markets have grown up to 13-15% every year. Ford has the greater scope of introducing these automobile services to the customers who are acceptable towards such advanced technologies. As per the information technological agreement, Vietnam would start implementing tax cuts as the part of commitment since it is now a member of World Trade Organisation (Olivotto Gianoli, 2016). Therefore, it can be implied that in spite of the adaptive nature towards the new technologies, the county lacks the adequate knowledge. Therefore, it is quite dependent on external expertise. The remarkable growth in the technological field provides the commendable opportunities to the new company with a technological product. The managers of Ford have the significant opportunity to gain the competitive advantage by introducing the advanced technologies and related goods or services. The above discussion provides the clear idea that the managers of Ford have the clear scope of expanding the business in the Ho Chi Ming City of Vietnam. However, the limitations in the political factors are needed to be taken into considerations. The growth in the economic structure can be beneficial for the company if the managers become capable of structuring the business functions according to the preferences (Smith Darko, 2014). The opportunities provided to the foreign companies by the Vietnamese government have been attracting many global companies. Therefore, the global competition is significantly increasing. It becomes much challenging for the managers of Ford. It is essential to strategically structure the business functionalities to remain competitive. Even when there are the huge opportunities to the technological development, the business requires introducing some of the innovative technologies to add value to the consumer products. It would be beneficial for the compa ny to ensure business growth by attracting more customers towards the automobile cars or services. Conclusion Vietnamese government welcomes the foreign investors and companies to establish the entity in the cities. The major focus of the government is to transform the urbanized scenario of the country by developing the foreign businesses. The supports from the political parties are also much significant. However, on the other hand, the political involvement sometimes creates the significant opportunities for the multiplex managers. It is noticeable that the economical growth of the country is quite favorable for the managers of Ford in terms of expanding the business. The poor currency structure although can create hindrance in structuring the business operational costs. On the other hand, the educational achievements are much commendable that helps the managers to make people more aware of the usage of the automobile products. The consumer demands and prices of the material goods are increasing drastically. Moreover, the increase in the leisure activities and local travel is also foreseen in the society life of Vietnam. The knowledge gathered from the managers would clarify the ideas regarding the car manufacturing services. It would be beneficial in generating more responses among the potential customers. The high acceptability of the technological equipment and technical process is favorable for the business. However, the limitations are also needed to be taken into considerations. It is notable that the country has the receptive attitude towards developing the trade relationships with the international companies. Therefore, it is necessary to develop the work functions in a strategic way to remain more competitive. References Benjamin, D., Brandt, L., McCaig, B. (2017). Growth with equity: income inequality in Vietnam, 200214.The Journal of Economic Inequality,15(1), 25-46. Chua, A. L. S. (2013, January). Doing Business in Vietnam: A strategic perspective on Organisational Learning. InInternational Conference on Business Strategy and Organizational Behaviour (BizStrategy). Proceedings(p. 115). Global Science and Technology Forum. Dang, G., Pheng, L. S. (2015). VietnamEconomic, Trade and Infrastructure Overview. InInfrastructure Investments in Developing Economies(pp. 81-133). Springer Singapore. Dung, N. V. (2016). Value-relevance of financial statement information: A flexible application of modern theories to the Vietnamese stock market.Quarterly Journal of Economics,84, 488-500., (2017).Home. [online] Ford Australia. Available at: [Accessed 12 Aug. 2017]. Gillespie, J. (2013). Managing competition in socialist-transforming Asia: the case of Vietnam.Asian Capitalism and the Regulation of Competition: Towards a Regulatory Geography of Global Competition Law. Cambrdige, 164-195. Gregory, R., (2015). Political independence, operational impartiality, and the effectiveness of anti-corruption agencies.Asian Education and Development Studies,4(1), pp.125-142. Hai, N. L., Watanabe, T. (2014). The status quo and perspective for improvement of public works procurement performance in Vietnam.Journal for the Advancement of Performance Information Value,6(1). Khorana, S., Mishra, N., Kerr, W. A. (2014). Transforming Vietnam: a quest for improved efficiency and transparency in central government procurement.Policy Politics,42(1), 109-129. Kontgis, C., Schneider, A., Fox, J., Saksena, S., Spencer, J. H., Castrence, M. (2014). Monitoring peri-urbanization in the greater Ho Chi Minh City metropolitan area.Applied Geography,53, 377-388. McCaig, B., Pavcnik, N. (2014).Export markets and labor allocation in a low-income country(No. w20455). National Bureau of Economic Research. Mundial, B. (2013).Doing business 2013: smarter regulations for small and medium-size enterprises. The World Bank. Olivotto, V., Gianoli, A. (2016). The urban governance of climate change adaptation: Exploring public and private responsibilities for flood hazard reduction in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.Urban Governance in the Realm of Complexity, 69-95. Ryan, W. T. (2015). Doing Business Research in Vietnam: A Story. InProceedings of the 1998 Multicultural Marketing Conference(pp. 456-462). Springer, Cham. Smith, W., Darko, E. (2014). Social enterprise: constraints and opportunitiesevidence from Vietnam and Kenya.ODI. www. odi. org/publications/8303-social-enterprise-constraintsopportunities-evidence-vietnam-kenya. Vuong, Q. H., Napier, N. K., Tran, T. D. (2013). A categorical data analysis on relationships between culture, creativity and business stage: the case of Vietnam.International Journal of Transitions and Innovation Systems,3(1), 4-24.

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Their Eyes Were Watching God Research Paper Essays -

Their Eyes Were Watching God Research Paper Their Eyes Were Watching God Research Paper Zora Neale Hurston's "Their Eyes Were Watching God" Research Paper "I am Me, My Eyes Toward God" Mark Evans Zora Neale Hurston an early twentieth century Afro-American feminist author, was raised in a predominately black community which gave her an unique perspective on race relations, evident in her novel, Their Eyes Were Watching God. Hurston drew on her on experiences as a feminist Afro-American female to create a story about the magical transformation of Janie, from a young unconfident girl to a thriving woman. Janie experiences many things that make her a compelling character who takes readers along as her companion, on her voyage to discover the mysteries and rewards life has to offer. Zora Neale Hurston was, the daughter of a Baptist minister and an educated scholar who still believed in the genius contained within the common southern black vernacular(Hook She was a woman who found her place, though unstable, in a typical male profession. Hurston was born on January 7, 1891 in Eatonville, Florida, the first all-incorporated black town in America. She found a special thing in this town, where she said, "... [I] grew like a like a gourd and yelled bass like a gator," (Gale, 1). When Hurston was thirteen she was removed from school and sent to care for her brother's children. She became a member of a traveling theater at the age of sixteen, and then found herself working as a maid for a white woman. This woman saw a spark that was waiting for fuel, so she arranged for Hurston to attend high school in Baltimore. She also attended Morgan Academy, now called Morgan State University, from which she graduated in June of 1918. She then enrolled in the Howard Prep School followed by later enrollment in Howard University. In 1928 Hurston attended Barnard College where she studied anthropology under Franz Boas. After she graduated, Zora returned to Eatonville to begin work on anthropology. Four years after Hurston received her B.A. from Barnard she enrolled in Columbia University to begin graduate work (Discovering Authors, 2-4). Hurston's life seemed to be going well but she was soon to see the other side of reality. Hurston never stayed at a job for too long, constantly refusing the advances of male employers, which showed part of her strong feminist disposition. But Hurston was still seeking true love throughout her travels and education. At Howard University, Hurston met Herburt Sheen whom she married on May 19, 1927 in St. Augstine, Florida (DA, 2). They divorced shortly after they got married because they could not continue the idealistic dreams they had shared in their youth. Zora Hurston's second marriage to Albert Price III was also short lived. They were married in 1939 and divorced in 1943 (DA, 2). By the mid-1940s Hurston's writing career had began to falter. While living in New York, Hurston was arrested and charged with committing an immoral act with a ten-year-old boy. The charges were later dropped when Hurston proved that she was in another country at the time the incident allegedly took place (Discovering Authors, 3). Hurston already was witnessing the rejection of all of her works submitted to her publisher, but the combined effects of the arrest and the ensuing journalistic attack on her image doomed the majority of her literary career. She wrote to a friend: "I care nothing for writing anything any more... My race has seen fit to destroy me without reason, and with the vilest tools conceived by man so far" (Discovering Authors, 4). In approximately 1950 Hurston returned to Florida, where she worked as a cleaning woman in Rivo Alto. She later moved to Belle Glade, Florida, in hopes of reviving her writing career. She failed and worked as many jobs including: newspaper journalist, librarian, and substitute teacher (Baker, pages.html/chronology.htm). Hurston suffered a stroke in 1959 which demanded her admittance in the Saint Lucie County Florida Welfare Home. She died a broken, penniless, invalid in January 1960 (DA, 5). All of Hurston's trials built the basis for her best work. Therefore, the work that has denoted her as one of the twentieth century's most influential authors did not come until after she had graduated from college. However, the literature she composed in college was by no means inferior. She was a defiant free-spirit even during her early college career. While working on an anthropological study for her mentor, Franz Boas, she was exposed to voo doo, which she quickly embraced. She was deeply interested in the subtle nuances

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A simple Pendulum Essays

A simple Pendulum Essays A simple Pendulum Essay A simple Pendulum Essay Essay Topic: Simple My aim in this experiment was to see if the length of the string the bob was attached to effected the time taken for one oscillation.RESEARCHWhat a pendulum is:A pendulum is a body suspended by a fixed point so it can swing back and forth under the influence of gravity. Pendulums are frequently used in clocks because the interval of time for each complete oscillation, called the period, is constant.What effects the time for one period?When the bob is moved from equilibrium either left or right and then is released, it oscillates in a vertical plane in the shape of an arc of a circle. This is then reversed back to its starting position.The weight pulling down on the pendulum bob causes the bob to accelerate towards its normal resting point. This acceleration can be calculated by the formula a = -gA. The angle size can also be linked to the arc length, this is shown in the formula, x = LA. With L being the length of the string. This leads us to the equation for acceleration of a simple pendulum bob a = -g/L x. These two formulae then give us the formula for a period, this isWhere L = length of string from pivot to bobg = acceleration due to gravityT = time of period.This tells me that there are only two variables, that I have direct control over, that can effect the period of the bob. These are the angle, and the length of the string. There is one other variable and that is the force of gravity; this could vary because the pull of gravity is not uniform all over the earth.PREDICTIONI predict that the longer the length of string the longer it will take the pendulum to complete one period. This is because the length of the arc, the pendulum is travelling along is greater (x = 2?L = circumference) but the gravitational acceleration will remain the same. This prediction is also proved by the formulaHere if the length of the string is increased (L) then that side of the equation becomes larger because the size of the fraction is increasing and because one side of the equation is increasing so must the other to remain equal so T will also increase.SAFETYThere are many accidents that could happen if this experiment was not carried out safely; below I have outlined a few simple guidelines to prevent such accidents occurring.DangerRiskPrecautionBob swingingCould hit someoneDo not swing the bob from large angles.Heavy massCould fall off table and hit someoneMake sure the mass isnt on the edge of the table and is away securely held.Clamp standCould fall over and hit someoneMake sure a large mass is holding it downFAIR TESTINGTo make sure our results are accurate we need to keep everything but the variable constant. Below are some simple guidelines to ensure that our testing is fair.Procedure/ObjectProblemSolutionClamp StandCould rockPlace a heavy mass on the base to prevent this.Mass of the bob (see note below)If we use different bobs there mass could be differentMake sure we use the same bobAngleAngle could be differentMake su re we measure the angle accuratelyGravityIf we move to another area of the world, the effects of gravity will be slightly differentStay in the same area of the earth as much as possible.Human errorHuman error between releasing the bob and starting the stopwatch.Make sure the same person does each task every time, use a standard pre-release method, i.e. 3,2,1, go. We should also let the pendulum swing for ten periods and then divide by 10 to reduce the effect of human error.Note: Although during my research I ascertained that the mass of the bob does not effect the period of the pendulum, I should still keep this constant, as I should only have one variable in my experiment.METHODAPPARATUSFor our experiment we needed:* A length of String at 60 cm long* A bob* A boss, clamp, and stand* A heavy mass* A large protractor* A Stopwatch* A meter ruler* A cork split in twoFirstly we set up the equipment as shown below:1. We measured the string to 10 cm. from the bottom of the corks to the mi ddle of the mass.2. We then pulled the string back to 40?:3. We then released the bob and started the stopwatch at the same time.4. We let the bob swing backwards and forwards 10 times5. We then stopped the pendulum swinging and recorded the times.6. We repeated the experiment with the same length 3 times7. We then repeated steps 1-6 for string lengths 10cm, 15cm, 20cm 25cm, 30cm, 35cm, 40cm, 45cm, 50cm and 55cm.RESULTSLength of stringAttempt 1 (sec)Attempt 2 (sec)Attempt 3 (sec)Average for 10 oscillations (sec)Average for 1 oscillation (sec)107.067.317.207.190.719158.58.528.658.560.856209.769.599.679.670.9672510.8010.6210.8610.761.0763011.4811.4211.3911.431.1433512.4512.4812.3212.421.2424012.7212.8912.7712.791.2794513.9514.0313.8113.931.3935014.4214.6514.5614.541.4545515.8415.8515.4415.711.571ANALASISBy looking at my results, I can immediately tell that the longer the length of string the longer it takes the pendulum to complete one period. This increase in time is always between 3 0 second and 90 seconds. I have drawn a graph, which shows the period for each oscillation. My line of best fit shows that the time taken increases in a linear fashion and does not go through the point of origin. This shows me that the period does increase relative to the length of string, this supports my prediction that because of the length of the arc increasing with the length of the string that the period would increase.EVALUATIONI believe that my experiment went reasonably well, the results we collected would seem to be very good and we had no accidents. I also believe that the method we used to obtain these results was an accurate one, but it could have been improved with the use of light gates and a computer because this would have removed the element of human error. I would like to take this investigation further by continuing to increase the lengths of the string until about one-meter. I would also like to try this experiment with different angles to see what effect that h as on the results and then compare the results to these ones. The evidence I have here is only just enough to support a firm conclusion, but does show a trend appearing.

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Why are similar independence claims the subject of different responses Essay

Why are similar independence claims the subject of different responses from the international community The international communitys position on Kosovo, South Ossetia and Abkhazia - Essay Example vestigation of the issues and facts that divide the international community in its responses to the secessions of Kosovo, Abkhazia and South Ossetia reveal that the legality of these secessions are not the only determining factors. A review of the literature seems to suggest that power politics has a role to play in the responses to these secessions. In other words, there is an emerging trend indicating that it is possible to conclude that world powers are more inclined to support or refuse to support an entity’s secession based on political rather than legal reasoning. The purpose of this research is to demonstrate that power politics permits what amounts to a spin on the international legal framework for statehood and state recognition. The secessions of South Ossetia, Abkhazia and Kosovo will be compared and contrasted with a view to determining the way that the international community should have responded to these secessions and how they in fact, responded. It will be argued that from a purely legal perspective the secessions are no different from one another, and power politics plays a greater role in the international community’s responses than international customary law. The 2008 declarations of independence by South Ossetia, Abkhazia and Kosovo was met by entirely different responses by the international community, specifically international organizations such as the United Nations (UN), the Council of Europe (CoE) and the Organizations for Security Cooperation with Europe (OSCE) .2 The CoE, the UN and the OSCE readily recognized Kosovo’s independence but at the same time did not accept and recognize the secession of South Ossetia and Abkhazia.3 The European Union (EU) which occupies a unique position in its relationship with Russia, was split on Kosovo’s independence and unquestionably unsupportive of South Ossetia and Abkhazia.4 NATO and the United States (US) accepted and recognized Kosovo’s independence but outright refused to accept